Fairweather friends~

A Fairweather friend is someone who is only “friends” with you because they get something from you.
It is a person who uses you and takes advantage of you. Sometimes it takes a long time for you to realize that someone is doing it. Or sometimes you know someone is doing it and you allow it. Or you know they are doing it and you hope they will evolve and become a true friend that you want so desperately. Some will even act like a great friend until “someone better” comes along. Then they drop you like dirty underwear. They may be very nice and sweet on the surface but again it is only to get something from you, like money, or they are bored or they need a sitter or you are the “best” they can find to hang out with therefore you’re the last resort. You will notice, you are the only one who calls, texts, social medias, or invites over, asks to do things with this person. Whereas they only speak to you first when they are in need of some sort of service. It could be they need an ego booster or someone to talk to but doesn’t want to hear what you have to say. People like this can be anyone they can be a male or a female or even a family member. But you have to say no. You have to let go of those poisonous relationships. It hurts the person that is the true friend so deeply. It makes you ache deep inside. These are the facts of why you must never be and never have a Fairweather friend.


Murphy’s law ~

Murphy’s Law: by definition anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

So true, my three year old asks me, mama what’s that noise? Confused I say I have no idea. It’s this nasty nails on chalk board sound coming from my laundry room. So I go and investigate this horrendous noise which is coming from my dryer. A nails on chalkboard sound from your dryer is NOT good. My very very old and up until now very dependable dryer has finally kicked the proverbial bucket. I mourn it’s death, but even with dryer death comes new dryer life. I am excited for a new dryer but not excited to pay for it. Especially, since we literally just got back in our finances good graces. Well, today I wear wet clothes in memory of my dearly departed dryer. But tomorrow will be a new day with hopefully a new dryer and dry underwear. Cheers.

Breastfeeding dilemma

So, my first baby is a girl. I was very excited to breastfeed. I was excited for the healthyness, the bond and my favorite part it’s FREE. Lol. Well I always assumed breastfeeding would be as easy as breathing! After all everyone has nipples how hard could it be? HA flipping hard that’s what. Very flipping difficult. The baby’s mouth has to be just right or it hurts. Plus it’s hurts for the first month anyways cause your brand new baby is sucking on your swollen boobs/nipples every 2 hours and sometimes even more often than that! I remember the first week home with my first baby. I had no clue what the hell I was doing with this six pound 3 ounce screaming bundle of joy. I tried to get her to latch she couldn’t and then would cry and then I cried. My hormones were through the roof. People kept visiting too and I had just had a c section, and I was constantly in my big baggy ugly granny pajamas. People kept coming by and wanting to naturally hold my brand new baby and visit me. I spent quality time in the bathroom crying, lord knows why? Just the hormones raging. Thankfully my husband got the hint I was done entertaining and kicked everyone to the curb. I remember day seven of trying to breastfeed it was very hit or miss with her latching correctly. She ate every 90 minutes on the dot. I was so tired I could nod off standing up or even sitting on the toilet. It was 3am and she was screaming and wouldn’t latch on after we had been trying for over an hour and I was crying and my husband was sitting in the car for a little break from both of the crying women in his life. I had, had enough I went into the kitchen and ripped open a can of sample formula I had be given at the hospital, throughly done with breastfeeding. What I didn’t know is that the can of formula is under pressure…. it literally EXPLODED there was white baby formula EVERYWHERE. It covered me and the baby from head to toe. She went silent and so did I. We both were in shock. She then stuck her baby tongue out and tasted the formula filled air. It was hilarious to my poor sleep deprived brain. My husband came back inside and took one look at both of us and burst into laughter. I then decided I’ll try nursing one last time. I sat down put her in the football hold. I kid you not she latched on and we never had another issue since. Ha! I guess she and I just needed to calm down and let each of us relax and have a good laugh.


I am a stay at home mom and I love it! I did go to college and I have an associates degree. I graduated as a Radiology Technician. But we decided when we had kids I would stay home and raise them until they go to school (kindergarten). We were married for six years before the birth of our first child. We went from a family of two with two incomes to a family of three with one income. Wow quite the change. We have had a lot of struggles financially but we feel as if we are finally working it out well. We became a family of four, three years later with the birth of our second and last child. Money got even tighter and we often worried if it’s a good idea to be so poor with four people and one income and is it worth it? It absolutely IS worth it. We need for nothing. I say need and not want. Because of course there is things we want. But our needs are met. We find a lot of fun free activities to do as well. It’s very worth my staying home with my babies and getting to be with them and see and experience everything from sun up to sunup lol. Some days are so exhausting and I think ugh I would love some adult interaction everyday and I could just drop you off at daycare. Or if I am sick and I think I could take a day off work and sleep and drop you both off at daycare while I do this. But those are few and far between thoughts. I am very blessed to be able to stay at home. Many mothers/fathers would love to be able to do so but are unable to due to many different circumstances. There are also parents who love both their families and their careers and that’s fine too! I speak only for me and my family. I have wanted to be a mom since I was nine years old. When people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would say a mom! Everyday is a blessing, each time I wake in the morning and snuggle kiss and play with my kids is a treasure. It’s a treasure I sometimes take for granted, especially if the baby was up all night teething. You feel tired and crabby and wish the baby would just sleep already and that your toddler would sleep in past 7am just once! But sadly even those times fly by so quickly. I blinked and my baby girl is almost four! My baby boy who I swear I just gave birth, is almost one years old!! As a stay at home mom my days and nights are flying by so quickly. I try to grasp and hold onto those moments. Just one more snuggle just more more hug. Before I know it they will be grown and gone.

Let them be little

So my family doesn’t do a lot of screen time. Yes my kids, ages three and nine months do watch some preapproved cartoons and yes my three year old has played kid games on my tablet/phone before but it’s rare and it’s usually at the doctors office or some such place. She has played Mario or video games maybe five times in her life. I just want them to play with toys and use their imaginations. And my three year old has a great imagination! She plays with barbies or little people or anything really and names them and they have these hilarious conversations. She plays house with her real life friends and with her toys and her family. She loves being a mama and plays with dolls. She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She loves to give everyone a checkup. She also loves star wars and superheros and often runs around yelling Hulk SMASH! I see so many kids with their faces constantly in a screen and don’t even know how to play or socialize with others. I truly believe that some of the rates of Autism that are running sky high are due to lack of independent play and constant screen time! (I know there are other causes as well) I just feel from what I have read and seen first hand that a lot of Autism is related to lack of play and playing with others and playing outside. My son who is nine months has pretty much no interest in TV yet thankfully. He loves toys and cars and trucks and he loves baby dolls too. He loves his puppy Penny who loves him maybe to much lol. Penny is ten weeks old and is teething ugh. My baby teething is bad enough but my fur baby is teething too haha! I do understand every parent and every single family has different circumstances and must do what is best for each and every person in that family. I am not judging or feeling righteous that we try to limit screen time and therefore are better. Not at all. Every family must do what is the best for that family. Life is so tough as it is let’s give each other a break and not judge other parents. Especially if you aren’t aware their special circumstances.

Hide and seek

My three year old daughter is hilarious she plays hide and seek by covering her eyes and therefore she is hidden from everyone. It’s so much fun saying where are youuu? She is full of giggles and laughter as you loudly search for her. I love hide and seek with a toddler. So much fun to pretend and see her imagination run wild.


Ahhh my husband is not a morning person. Both of our kids are definitely morning people. If the sun is awake the kids are always awake! My three year old wants to have deep conversations and my husband wants silence. Three year old always wins but mornings end with so much grouchy. It is often a tiring and thankless job from sun up to sun up raising a family, but even though it’s hard and stressful some days. We are lucky and blessed for even those tough days.