Let them be little

So my family doesn’t do a lot of screen time. Yes my kids, ages three and nine months do watch some preapproved cartoons and yes my three year old has played kid games on my tablet/phone before but it’s rare and it’s usually at the doctors office or some such place. She has played Mario or video games maybe five times in her life. I just want them to play with toys and use their imaginations. And my three year old has a great imagination! She plays with barbies or little people or anything really and names them and they have these hilarious conversations. She plays house with her real life friends and with her toys and her family. She loves being a mama and plays with dolls. She says she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She loves to give everyone a checkup. She also loves star wars and superheros and often runs around yelling Hulk SMASH! I see so many kids with their faces constantly in a screen and don’t even know how to play or socialize with others. I truly believe that some of the rates of Autism that are running sky high are due to lack of independent play and constant screen time! (I know there are other causes as well) I just feel from what I have read and seen first hand that a lot of Autism is related to lack of play and playing with others and playing outside. My son who is nine months has pretty much no interest in TV yet thankfully. He loves toys and cars and trucks and he loves baby dolls too. He loves his puppy Penny who loves him maybe to much lol. Penny is ten weeks old and is teething ugh. My baby teething is bad enough but my fur baby is teething too haha! I do understand every parent and every single family has different circumstances and must do what is best for each and every person in that family. I am not judging or feeling righteous that we try to limit screen time and therefore are better. Not at all. Every family must do what is the best for that family. Life is so tough as it is let’s give each other a break and not judge other parents. Especially if you aren’t aware their special circumstances.


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