Breastfeeding dilemma

So, my first baby is a girl. I was very excited to breastfeed. I was excited for the healthyness, the bond and my favorite part it’s FREE. Lol. Well I always assumed breastfeeding would be as easy as breathing! After all everyone has nipples how hard could it be? HA flipping hard that’s what. Very flipping difficult. The baby’s mouth has to be just right or it hurts. Plus it’s hurts for the first month anyways cause your brand new baby is sucking on your swollen boobs/nipples every 2 hours and sometimes even more often than that! I remember the first week home with my first baby. I had no clue what the hell I was doing with this six pound 3 ounce screaming bundle of joy. I tried to get her to latch she couldn’t and then would cry and then I cried. My hormones were through the roof. People kept visiting too and I had just had a c section, and I was constantly in my big baggy ugly granny pajamas. People kept coming by and wanting to naturally hold my brand new baby and visit me. I spent quality time in the bathroom crying, lord knows why? Just the hormones raging. Thankfully my husband got the hint I was done entertaining and kicked everyone to the curb. I remember day seven of trying to breastfeed it was very hit or miss with her latching correctly. She ate every 90 minutes on the dot. I was so tired I could nod off standing up or even sitting on the toilet. It was 3am and she was screaming and wouldn’t latch on after we had been trying for over an hour and I was crying and my husband was sitting in the car for a little break from both of the crying women in his life. I had, had enough I went into the kitchen and ripped open a can of sample formula I had be given at the hospital, throughly done with breastfeeding. What I didn’t know is that the can of formula is under pressure…. it literally EXPLODED there was white baby formula EVERYWHERE. It covered me and the baby from head to toe. She went silent and so did I. We both were in shock. She then stuck her baby tongue out and tasted the formula filled air. It was hilarious to my poor sleep deprived brain. My husband came back inside and took one look at both of us and burst into laughter. I then decided I’ll try nursing one last time. I sat down put her in the football hold. I kid you not she latched on and we never had another issue since. Ha! I guess she and I just needed to calm down and let each of us relax and have a good laugh.


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