Murphy’s law ~

Murphy’s Law: by definition anything that can go wrong will go wrong.

So true, my three year old asks me, mama what’s that noise? Confused I say I have no idea. It’s this nasty nails on chalk board sound coming from my laundry room. So I go and investigate this horrendous noise which is coming from my dryer. A nails on chalkboard sound from your dryer is NOT good. My very very old and up until now very dependable dryer has finally kicked the proverbial bucket. I mourn it’s death, but even with dryer death comes new dryer life. I am excited for a new dryer but not excited to pay for it. Especially, since we literally just got back in our finances good graces. Well, today I wear wet clothes in memory of my dearly departed dryer. But tomorrow will be a new day with hopefully a new dryer and dry underwear. Cheers.


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