Baby boys

My second baby is a boy. We got pregnant with him and found out on Halloween morning 2014. We were so excited! We later at 20 weeks found out he was a boy! We felt very lucky to have one of each now! As he grew in my belly and I felt him move and kick I grew anxious. How do you raise a boy how do you change and take care of a boy? I am not a boy! But once he was born and latched on to my breast all those worries and fears were gone. Only love and happiness remained. Nothing mattered in that moment but him and I. He is such a great baby very calm and curious and you can see him sit and think about things. He is now 9 months old and into everything as mobile babies are. He still loves breastfeeding and loves his mama. I think back to his birth and how it was a difficult c section and how I had a terrible infection and abscess in my belly after his birth and was sick for the first 3 months of his life. I think back as I stare at his perfect angel face and little bow lips and know I would do it all over again in a heartbeat for this perfect little man. God is good.



Some things feel monatonous and mundane. Like waking up, dressing kids, feeding kids, cleaning breakfast up, taking the dog out, and cleaning kids up. Repeat many many many more times that day. But if you stop and listen and look at their little faces so full of love and wonder it makes the mundane very extraordinary. My three year old will notice a tiny beam of sunlight shining onto the floor and put her hand in it and say look it’s magic mama. I love looking at the ordinary and see extraordinary through their innocent eyes.

Little girls

Little girls! My three year old can be very trying some days but she brings amusement and love to each and every day. Today she informed me she must wear a dress to preschool because all princesses wear dresses. I said did you know princesses can wear pants or dresses because it’s how you feel on the inside that matters. So then she thought for a minute and said mama dresses make me feel pretty on the inside and outside. Touche’ little girl touche’. Lol never argue with a princess.


I became a mother once I saw the clear pink line saying I have a precious baby growing in my tummy! I found out after a thousand pregnancy tests that I had wasted taking to soon. But this was it! I informed my husband this exciting news crying and shoving a wet pee test under his nose at 5 am in the morning. He was very excited but not so pleased about the 5am wake up call. Haha! We found out we were pregnant on Oct 17th 2011. We had been trying for 3 years before finally taking clomid and getting this baby after the first round. I was very sick with this pregnancy but it comforted me knowing my baby was growing well in my tummy! My life changed with this little thing growing and bouncing around inside me. We found out we were having a girl, when I was 20 weeks pregnant. We cried, we were so excited! She came into this world via emergency c-section and she was a busy loud girl from minute one! She was a very happy baby and very smart. She was a very busy talkative toddler and she is a very busy nonstop talkative preschooler. She does and says the best and most hilarious and sometimes embarrassing things. I asked her the other day where do babies come from? She says to me mommmm don’t you know? You go to the doctor and he gets a stick from outside and waves it over your stomach like magic and a baby is in there and then he does it again and the baby comes out and then you’re a mom. I was very stunned by this awesome view. Children’s minds are so innocent and so imaginative! They also are little sponges that soak up everything even things you don’t want them to. For instance I had commented to my husband that the show he was watching that it was trashy. Our three year old hears from two rooms away with the door closed.. she runs out to my husband and announces he must turn off his trashy show! (It was family guy) LOL. She is quite the little mimic. My husband didn’t find this amusing. Even though I busted a gut laughing !


I have often been called Emma the dilemma. I must say there has been many many dilemmas in my life so far. But good thing about dilemmas is your learn from them! Also they are passed on to your own children. These posts, blogs, stories are mine and they are true and near and dear to my heart. I hope you love reading about my life’s dilemmas as I love living them!